Special requests

Special requests

At The Samara you can make any special request you may want, and we will do all we can to accommodate it:

  • Dietary: Vegan? Vegetarian? Gluten intolerant? Lactose intolerant? Let us know and we will make sure you have enough choices for your meals.
  • Religious: Would you like all alcohol removed from your minibar? Do you want your room to be made up only by female housekeepers? Not a problem. By the way, in our rooms there are no religious ornaments, documents, or items of any kind for maximum freedom and respect.
  • Cultural: Are you gay? Are you on a silent retreat? On meditation? We can ensure you get the most privacy we can, if you feel you need more.
  • Special occasions: Is anybody celebrating an event, may it be a birthday, a honeymoon, an anniversary? Contact us and we can organize some nice surprises for you and your spouse.



The only thing we ask is to get all possible information and details about your request, and enough advance notice to be able to make all necessary arrangements. (dietary – religious – cultural needs, flowers, champagne, no alcohol in minibar, surprises, birthdays)

Local Attractions

Royal Palace
Monkey Forest
Blanco Museum