Ubud eating

Ubud eating

Ubud bali eating

Ubud has become a paradise for food lovers, with so much offer and variables that is impossible not to find something suitable to your palate. 

Firstly, Indonesian and Balinese food is a must try, especially if you are prone to try spicy and flavorful ingredients.
Then, there is something for everybody, with so many restaurants offering the best from around the world and satisfying all diets, be it vegan, kosher, halal, vegetarian, mediterranean, an so on.

Among local characteristic flavours, you can find fragrants seeds including: white pepper, black pepper, cumin, clove, sesame seeds. Among fragrant roots you can find: shallots, garlic or turmeric. Palm Sugar is not an ordinary sugar combining sweetness with a spicy hint. The Balinese also appreciate the role of fermented fish in their cuisine. Just walk around town, and let your senses decide for you, but hey, don’t forget to visit Dolce Arancia for the best Italian in town ;-)

Local Attractions

Royal Palace
Monkey Forest
Blanco Museum