Who we are

Who we are

In a country where average staff turnover is very high, The Samara can proudly say that almost all team members have been with us for more than two years, and that many have been with us since day 1. This is the secret of our success, since all the staff receives continuous training and is constantly incentivized to remain and professionally grow at The Samara. This ensures a level of professionalism and attention to detail that is second to no other place. 

This ensures a level of professionalism and attention to detail that is second to no other place. 

On Booking.com our staff has reached a customer’s average rating of 9.9 over 10, as a demonstration that with them, you can feel safe and pampered, and that without them, we couldn’t be here.

Spontaneous and honest hospitality, real and transparent smiles, our staff will remember your names and preferences not because we force them to do so, but because they love the job that they do, and they love doing it for you. Nothing is too much, nothing is trouble.

Just ask and you’ll be served in no time by our gentle and caring people, 24 hours, every day.

the samara recepsionist
Marini - receptionist, Rusma - Administration and front office
immersed in technology and nature

waitress and housekeepers
Wah Ama, Ayu, Gung Gus - waitress and housekeepers -  Comedians in your spare time


the samara security
Ngurah, Kadek, Candra  – Security -  Defending a paradise is not easy

the samara cook
Gung Sri Cook, Dayu Mang  - Cook  - Enjoy your meal


The samara administration
Rusma - administration - Can you please call one at a time?

The samara waitress
Putu - waitress - A good beginning bodes well 

The Samara housekeeping
Rah De - housekeeping - He cleans everything in sight

The samara cook
Dayu - cook and spiritualist - Mens sana in corpore sano

gardner the samara
Kadek RoRo - gardener - Shhh, he is talking to a plant 

the samara
Yudi - I almost forgot, and then there's me, the boss!!!


Local Attractions

Royal Palace
Monkey Forest
Blanco Museum